Hi! My name’s Patrick Rigdon, but I just go by Pat. I’m a junior at UMW in the International Relations Major with a main interest in the geopolitics around energy policy. I love cats and I’ve got two of my own: Kara, who I raised from a kitten who’s now 4 years old and little Ben who’s still very smol at just a few weeks old but a new addition to the family! Outside of school, I’ve always had a passion for architecture and learning language. In the photo gallery below, you can find some of my Minecraft builds I’ve been working on throughout the years! I tutor German for friends at school and am currently taking French. Foreign language is really fun for me especially learning Swedish, Polish, and Irish outside of school too. I listen to a lot of music genres across many languages (English, French, German, Polish, Korean, Japanese, Igbo, Russian, Italian, Swedish, Hebrew, Albanian, etc); lots of great songs I’d love to share in the sound cloud below and on Youtube!